Five Paw Care Tips for Dog Owners

Your dog’s paws do a lot for him—they let him walk, run, feel, touch, and much more. Keep them healthy with these five paw care tips from a Marietta veterinarian.

Nail Trims

Of course, you’ll want to trim your dog’s nails regularly. Nails that are too long can get snagged in carpet, and fracture much more easily. Choose a quality nail trimmer, and consult your veterinarian on the proper procedure as well as the schedule for trims. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, set up an appointment with a professional groomer.

Trim Paw Hair

For dogs with longer hair around the paws and between the toes, regular clippings will help avoid painful matting and reduce the risk of objects being caught in the fur. Carefully clip the hair around the your dog’s toes with a pair of scissors.

Check Between Toes

Be sure to take a look at each of your dog’s paws regularly to check for any foreign objects, injuries, or anything else abnormal. Small items like pebbles, burrs, or even twigs can easily get lodged in between toes. Usually, these items can be carefully removed with a set of tweezers, but if anything doesn’t come out easily or you see a serious injury, call your veterinarian.

Moisturize Pads

Just like our hands become dry and cracked in the wintertime, dogs’ paw pads can become very uncomfortable as well. Luckily, there are dog moisturizers available for just such occasions. Ask your Marietta veterinarian about a good paw pad moisturizer to apply to your dog’s paws. Never use human moisturizer—it’s not formulated for dogs and may do more harm than good.

Watch for Burns

Since dogs don’t wear shoes, it’s rather easy for their paw pads to become burnt. In the summer, hot asphalt can burn pads very quickly. Do your best to avoid walking on hot pavement, sand, sidewalks, or any other hot surface. Minor burns can be medicated with antibacterial solutions and a loose bandage, but be sure to see your veterinarian in the event of a serious burn.

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