Emergency & Critical Care


No loving pet parent ever wants to imagine their furry family member experiencing a pet emergency. Unfortunately, accidents happen and sudden, unexpected illnesses occur. The most important thing you can do is be prepared ahead of time and know who you can turn to for urgent veterinary care.

Smyrna Animal Hospital is equipped to handle emergencies on a case by case basis. Our team will assess your pet’s situation and either deliver the necessary care in-house, or recommend a referral to another nearby emergency or specialty practice.

Should your pet experience an emergency situation during our regular office hours between 9am and 5pm, we encourage you to give us a call right away. Phoning ahead allows us to assess the situation, provide advice on first aid that you can administer in the interim, and prepare the hospital for your pet’s arrival.

Once you arrive with your pet, our staff will step in and evaluate the situation with swiftness and accuracy. We will work with you to determine whether care and treatment should be provided immediately by our own team of doctors and support staff, or if a referral to an emergency or specialty practice would be wiser. At all times, your options will be clearly communicated and discussed with you to help you make the best decisions for your pet and your family.

For emergencies that occur outside of our normal business hours, we have a close working relationship with a local 24/7 emergency clinic that can handle your pet’s urgent care needs anytime.

While we certainly hope you never have to face a pet emergency, rest assured that should the need for critical care arise, we will work with you to ensure that your pet receives the highest level of care for the best possible outcome.