Nutrition & Weight Management


You are what you eat.

While this term is often used in reference to human nutrition, it can equally be applied to our animal friends. A balanced diet and a healthy weight can do wonders for your pet. Not only does eating the right food improve performance and promote ongoing good health, but it can also help to manage a number of existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis.

The problem is, not every pet food is created equal, and with so many different products to choose from, finding the right balance for your pet can be a challenge. What you need is the guidance of an expert – someone who understands pet nutrition and can point you in the right direction. The team at Smyrna Animal Hospital will work with you to develop the perfect plan for your pet.

Our nutritional counseling services begin with a detailed analysis of your pet’s current condition. We will conduct a thorough exam, and consider such important factors as how old your pet is, his or her breed, what the current weight on the scale reads and whether there are any existing medical conditions that must be taken into account. Once we have gathered all of this information, we can then identify precisely what your pet’s unique nutritional needs are and then develop a customized diet that is tailored to best meet those needs.

Next we will work on keeping your pet trim and fit. Weight plays a key role in an animal’s overall health and longevity. Pets that are even just a few pounds overweight are at a greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions. Likewise, animals that do not weigh enough are more susceptible to injury or illness. Our detailed analysis will help us determine what weight range would be ideal so we can create a plan to help work toward those goals.

The last part of our nutrition and weight management services is ongoing maintenance. As pets age, so do their diet and exercise requirements. A plan that is designed for an adolescent dog or cat won’t meet the changing needs of a senior pet, and vice versa. In order to get the most out of your pet’s nutrition and weight control plan, we must evaluate its effectiveness from time to time, making any necessary adjustments as needed.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your pet’s health. Let the experts at Smyrna Animal Hospital create a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your four-legged friend!