Allergies & Dermatology


You work so hard to keep your best friend healthy on the inside. You feed a balanced diet. You stay on top of wellness visits. What about your pet’s external health?

Companion animals are susceptible to a number of dermatological problems that can affect both their physical and their emotional wellbeing. Skin conditions like allergies and infections produce a number of unpleasant side effects, including everything from itchiness and burning to outright pain. Suffering from a skin condition can even diminish your pet’s quality of life.

Smyrna Animal Hospital offers comprehensive pet dermatology services to help manage your pet’s condition and get them back to a healthy, happy state. Our doctors have received specific training in companion animal dermatology, and are experienced at identifying, diagnosing and treating a broad range of conditions.

The first step in managing your pet’s external health is determining what is causing the symptoms in the first place. Could it be an allergy or infection? Does your pet have parasites? Perhaps it is a hormonal or autoimmune disorder. At Smyrna Animal Hospital, we utilize a number of highly effective diagnostic techniques, including laboratory tests, skin scrapings and biopsies. These help us to pinpoint precisely what we are dealing with so that we can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatments are based on what the condition is, the severity and a number of other factors. We use a variety of proven treatment methods that get real, long-term results, and we customize our approach to each individual patient. Depending on the situation, the doctor may recommend anything from topical creams and medication to supplements and therapy, and in some cases, surgery.

As with anything else, you will play an important role in developing your pet’s skin care plan. We will take the time to explain all of your options, and discuss everything with you to help you make the best decisions for your pet.

Some of the signs that may indicate your pet is experiencing a skin problem include:

If you have noticed any of these things, it is time to schedule a dermatological evaluation. We can help get the problem under control so that your loved one can enjoy the comfortable life he or she deserves.