7 Reasons To Train Your Dog

Did you know that February is Dog Training Education Month? Fido is very devoted, and really does strive to please his humans. However, Man’s Best Friend does need a bit of guidance in learning what it means to be a good boy. A Marietta, GA vet lists some reasons to finish Fido’s petucation below.


Training is absolutely crucial for safety reasons. If you drop the leash, you want to be sure your four-legged friend will come back to you when you call him. This will also help keep Fido from approaching potential hazards, regardless of whether it’s a steep drop-off, a deep river, or another dog.


You won’t enjoy your furry buddy as much if you’re always having to reprimand him or address something he’s done. Make sure that Fido is properly trained will take a lot of tension out of your relationship. More ‘Good Boy,’ less ‘Stop that!’

Reduce Bad Behaviors

Another reason training is important is that it can really help reduce bad behaviors. Teach Fido not to do things like digging, chewing improperly, or pulling on the leash. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Tail Wags

Many of our canine pals really enjoy learning new things. Mastering new commands is very fulfilling and rewarding to Fido, just as education is for us.

Beat Boredom

Training sessions also give Fido something to occupy himself with. That enrichment is crucial for his health and well-being!


You don’t have to teach your pooch to bring you a drink or turn out the lights. However, being able to communicate simple commands, like Stay and Come, will definitely strengthen the bond between you. After all, communication is important in any relationship.


Training can really help shy dogs build confidence. Fido looks adorably proud of himself when he knows he’s been a Good Boy!


With training, consistency and patience are both crucial. A good ‘furriculum’ is also important. The key commands are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Make sure Fido has these mastered before you teach him anything else. Work on one at a time, and offer lots of praise, affection, and treats as rewards. If you’re having trouble training your pooch, consult your vet or a professional dog behaviorist.

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