Blind Dog Day

Blind Dog Day is coming up on August 23rd. Just like people, dogs can lose vision in one or both of their eyes. This can be quite scary to hear as a pet owner, but it may not affect Fido as much as you think. Our canine companions are very resilient, and often do just fine with full or partial vision loss. A Marietta, GA vet offers some information on blind dogs below.

Risk Factors

Any dog can experience vision loss due to illness, injury, or trauma. That said, some of our canine pals are more susceptible to blindness than others are. Brachycephalic pups, for instance, are at high risk of vision issues due to their shallow eye sockets and general skull shape. Dogs with white fur are also more susceptible: this is because the genes that cause white fur are also linked to congenital vision issues. Fido may also lose part of all of his sight due to old age.

Warning Signs

Your furry bff can’t tell you something is wrong, so you’ll need to watch for warning signs. Be extra vigilant if your four-legged friend is in a high risk group! Some of the things to look for would include tearing, redness, swelling, tear stains, cloudy or milky eyes, light sensitivity, and consistent blinking. Fido may also act hesitant about moving forward if he can’t see well. Some dogs may bark to express their distress: others may get scared, and some may act frightened.

Care Tips

Blind dogs don’t necessarily need extra care so much as different care. In many ways, caring for a blind dog is just like caring for any other pooch. Simply taking a few precautions, such as setting out carpet runners and using baby gates to block off dangerous spots, will go a long way. Ask your vet for specific care tips.


Vision-impaired pups often get passed over for adoption, which is very sad because they can make absolutely wonderful pets. If you’re ready to adopt a new furry friend, consider giving a blind dog a second chance at happiness. Fido may be extremely loving and loyal! In fact, many times the imperfect pets really make the best animal companions. Like any other pooch, they just want someone to love them and care for them!

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