Bringing Your Shelter Cat Home

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Of course, as far as we’re concerned, every month is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. However, many shelters are over capacity at this time of year, because it’s kitten season. If you’re ready to welcome a new feline friend into your life, why not consider adopting a shelter cat? Many of our adorable patients are former shelter cats. Of course, getting adopted is a huge deal for Fluffy, so you’ll need to take steps to get her started out on the right paw in her new life. A Marietta, GA vet offers some tips on this below.

Getting Prepared

You’ll need to make a run to the pet store before you bring your feline friend home. You’ll need the basics, such as toys, dishes, food, a litterbox, and litter. If possible, you should also pick up a good piece of kitty furniture, such as a cat tower. Some things, such as food and litter, should be selected according to Fluffy’s age. Kittens need kitten-formula food, and should not use clay or clumping litters. If you’re interested in a senior cat, choose furniture and a litterbox that will be easy for her to use.

Coming Home

Shopping isn’t the only thing you’ll need to get done before that big day. Some kittyproofing is also in order. Remove or secure common hazards, such as toxic plants, wires and cords, small or sharp objects, chemicals, and medication. An ounce of prevention may be worth several pounds of cure! Ask your vet for more information. 

Purr Activation

It may take your new buddy a while to adjust to her new domain. Fluffy may sleep a lot (even by kitty standards) as she is settling in. That’s normal: being in a shelter is scary and stressful, so your furry friend will need time to just decompress a bit. Just let her adjust. Don’t force attention on her, or pick her up if she doesn’t want to be held. It’s very, very important for her to feel safe approaching you. You’ll need to win your cute pet’s trust. Talking to her in a warm, friendly voice can go a long way here. You can also offer toys, treats, and, of course, catnip.


Please contact us for all of your furry buddy’s veterinary care needs. As your Marietta, GA animal clinic, we’re here for you!

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