Traveling With Fido

Summer is flying by. The next few months are prime vacation time for many people, with camping and beach trips at the top of the to-do list for many. Your canine pal may be delighted to accompany you on these trips! Of course, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep Fido safe in the car. A Marietta, GA vet goes over some of them below.


We know, our canine companions love to stick their heads out windows and drink up that wild air. However, this can be pretty dangerous. Fido can get rocks, dust, bugs, or even lit cigarettes in his face. There’s also a risk of your pooch stepping on a window control. Plus, if you have to stop or swerve suddenly, he would be at risk for serious head and neck injuries. Keep your furry friend safely inside, and let him indulge his sense of adventure when you reach your destination.


It’s much safer to keep Fido in his crate for car rides. Even if he’s usually well-behaved, he could jostle the driver. If you have a puppy, you have the upper paw here. Teaching your furry buddy that he always rides in a crate is much easier with a puppy than with an older dog. Training is more than half the battle here. You want Fido to be comfortable and safe in his crate. Offer him lots of treats and toys in it. Comfy bedding is also a must.


Crates aren’t the only option for securing Fido. You can also look into harnesses or gates. However, these do have a few drawbacks. Some of the harnesses don’t really allow dogs to move around very much. That could get pretty uncomfortable on a long ride! These also don’t offer the same protection that a crate would in an accident. Before purchasing one, read reviews and check safety ratings.

General Safety

Fido should be microchipped, wearing tags, and current on preventative care. When taking your canine buddy on a long trip, be sure to stop regularly to let him stretch his legs. Also, never ever leave Fido in the car when it’s hot out. Temperatures in cars can reach deadly levels very quickly, and cracking the window isn’t enough to counter the heat. 

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