Fun Facts About Man’s Best Friend

Our canine friends have likely been with us for 30,000 years or more. In that time, we’ve definitely learned a lot about Fido. Every year, though, we continue to discover new things about our furry best companions. Continue reading for some fun facts about Fido from a local Smyrna, GA veterinarian.


Paws Up! 


Fido’s paws are really very amazing. They give your pet traction, serve as shock absorbers, and provide him with information about the surface he is walking on.


  • Dogs sometimes resort to paw licking as a stress reliever. Consider this the canine equivalent of gnawing the nails. However, Fido may also be licking his paws because his feet are aching. Reach out to your Smyrna, GA veterinarian about this.
  • Like humans, dogs often have one dominant paw. Research found that three out of every four pups use one paw more than the other. Approximately 60% of them were right-pawed, with the remaining individuals being left-pawed.
  • Dogs only sweat through their paw pads.
  • The thick skin covering the adorable toe beans provides protection from the heat and cold. They aren’t totally weatherproof, though, so you’ll need to take care to keep your pet away from extremely hot surfaces.


Love Cures All


Spending time cuddling with your canine companion can reduce one’s blood pressure. It turns out that it will lessen Fido’s as well!


Top Of The Charts

The cute, carefree Labrador Retriever is incredibly well-liked. Given that he topped the AKC’s list of the most popular breeds for more than 31 years, Fido may actually be the most beloved breed worldwide. However, that winning streak ended recently. In 2022, he was displaced by the courageous French Bulldog.


A Very Good Boy


The typical dog can learn more than 100 words and phrases. (It’s probably safe to say that Fido loves the terms “bacon,” “treat,” “walk,” and “car ride,” while “bathtime” is perhaps his least favorite.)


Dreaming Dogs

Has your dog ever moved his paws while sleeping or made noises when he was asleep? Yup, Fido is dreaming! Although all dogs dream, it appears that puppies and elderly dogs dream the most. One can only speculate as to what Fido is dreaming about. However, we imagine that toys, treats, squirrels, and maybe the neighbor’s cat are all involved.


AKC History

Who were the first pups allowed into the AKC? The Pointer, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Clumber Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Setter, English Setter, and Gordon Setter were among the first breeds officially accepted. These were primarily hunting dogs.


The Numbers Game

It’s always interesting to examine the findings of different surveys and find out what people are thinking and doing. 

Here are a few tidbits about Fido:


  • 70% of dog owners sign their name and Fido’s on cards.
  •  47% of U.S. households have at least one dog.
  • 45% of dog owners let their young pets share their beds.
  • 90% of our canine buddies like spending time with their owners when we watch TV.


They Have Remarkable Noses

It would be impossible to discuss interesting canine facts without mentioning Fido’s cute nose! 


  • Each canine has their own individual noseprint. Consider it the canine equivalent of a fingerprint, as no two are alike. (Tip: To clean your windows and get rid of your dog’s “paintings,” use newspaper and white vinegar.)
  • There are up to 300 million smell receptors in Fido’s nose. In contrast, we only have 5 million.
  • Dogs can smell from each nostril separately. Consider this a 3D smell experience. They can then pinpoint the source of a scent by utilizing data from each nostril.
  • Certain dogs have the ability to smell out diseases like cancer.
  • Dogs’ noses are approximately 100,000 times more perceptive than humans’.
  • Our canine pals are able to exhale simultaneously through their nose and mouth.
  • When a dog is panting or extremely heated, it might affect their sense of smell. In fact, your pet’s sense of smell might decline by up to 40% when they’re hot or exhausted!
  • Dogs have a 100,000 times better sense of smell than humans.
  • Fido is able to sniff out a half-teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • A unique kind of mucus is secreted by canine noses. This takes in chemicals from smell molecules. Fido can learn more about what he is smelling by licking his nose.  
  • The part of dogs’ brains that process scents is roughly 40% larger than ours, comparatively.


This Is My Lawn


Does your dog occasionally cover his waste with leaves or dirt? It may seem that Fido is attempting to hide his scent. Cats bury their waste for this reason. But in reality, your furry bestie is marking his territory by using the scent glands in his paws.


Name That Pooch

Have you looked at any particular breeds before? Finding out about the pasts of our various dog friends is fascinating. A breed’s origins are often indicated in its name. There are some surprising turns in this story. For example, the French Poodle is actually from Germany, while the Australian Shepherd is from the United States, not Australia. 


Music To A Dog’s Ears

Does your canine companion appear to like music? If that’s the case, play him “A Day in the Life,” a Beatles song. As a covert homage to his Shetland Sheepdog friend, Paul McCartney included a supersonic note that only dogs can hear to the song’s conclusion.


Time After Time

Does your pet seem to know when it’s time for a food, a stroll, or playtime? According to studies, our furry friends do indeed have a sense of time.


What A Yawn

Ever wonder why yawning spreads easily? The exact cause of this curious phenomenon is still unknown. However, it turns out that Fido is also able to catch the yawns. Studies show that this is even more likely to occur if the dog knows the person who is yawning. (Fun aside: yawns appear to be contagious among other animal species as well, such as wolves, gelada baboons, domesticated pigs, African lions, domesticated sheep, elephant seals, and birds, especially budgies.)


A Very Old Friend


Ever wonder what the oldest dog breed is? The Saluki deserves that distinction. Their remains have been discovered in tombs in ancient Egypt that date back to 2100 B.C.


A Different Breed

The AKC roster now consists of 201 distinct breeds. The Lancashire Heeler is the newest one to join their ranks. 

Additionally, there are presently 72 breeds registered in the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS), which functions much like a waiting list or applicant pool for AKC recognition. We’ll have to update you on who gets in: acceptance isn’t guaranteed.


By The Numbers


Man’s Best Friend has 321 bones and 42 teeth. Additionally, he runs a little hotter than we do—a dog’s typical body temperature is 101.2 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Do you have concerns regarding the well-being or upkeep of your dog? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. As the Smyrna, GA veterinarian in your area, we can assist you!


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