Three Fun Ideas for Exercising Your Dog

While a normal walk around the neighborhood or a classic game of fetch is great exercise for your dog, you might want to try switching up the routine to keep your dog—and yourself—from getting bored! Try these suggestions from a Smyrna vet.


Swimming is wonderful exercise for dogs, as it works many muscles and uses the body’s own water resistance to your dog’s advantage. If you have a backyard pool or a public lake nearby, consider taking your pet for a dip. Remember to rinse out his coat afterwards to remove any chemicals or foreign bodies.

Remember that not all dogs can swim—it’s actually best suited to athletic retriever breeds. Dogs with short legs, stout bodies, or small statures might not be strong swimmers, so make sure your dog is comfortable in the water before you head out.

Homemade Agility Courses

You don’t have to leave the backyard—or even the basement—to exercise your dog in a fun way. Try building an agility course at home. If you have the building materials, try making tunnels, hurdles, and platforms for your dog to run and jump through. Be sure to sand down all sharp edges and avoid any pointy nails.

If you don’t have the time or materials, try making a simpler course out of common household items. Set up pillows, blankets, or cardboard boxes to make your own agility course in the basement. Try enticing your dog in with a few treats.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are public places made specifically for dogs to run around and get good exercise in a controlled environment. A trip to the dog park is also great socialization time for your pooch as he interacts with other dogs and their owners. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your dog so he doesn’t get into trouble with an aggressive dog or unhappy owner.

Call your Smyrna veterinarian to ask about more alternative ways to exercise your dog, and remember to be safe and creative!

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