Clipping Your Kitten’s Nails

If you start clipping your kitten’s nails while she’s still young, she’ll accept the process as a normal part of life. This will make nail trims far easier throughout her life! Learn how to clip your kitty’s nails properly from a Marietta vet:

Get Your Supplies

Gather all your supplies first so you don’t have to run around getting one thing at a time after you’ve already started. You’ll need a pair of cat-claw trimmers, a couple of gauze pads, a styptic pen or styptic powder in case you clip too far, and a few cat treats. Once you have all of this, sit down with your kitten in a quiet area of the house where you won’t be disturbed.

Massage Kitten’s Paws

Since your kitten hasn’t had her nails clipped before, you’ll need to get her used to the sensation first. Pick up one paw at a time, handling it gently and giving it a soft massage. Try extending each claw by pressing on the paw pad and toe. If your cat seems comfortable enough, you’re ready to move on. It may take several sessions of this for some cats to become acclimated to the sensation, so be patient!

Clip Carefully

Hold your cat securely in your lap and get your cat clippers with the other hand. Extend a claw and snip off just the tip—you’re only trying to blunt the nail, so you don’t have to cut off a lot. If your cat seems okay with the first claw being snipped, try a few more. Some cats will remain still for a paw’s worth of clipping, then start to get agitated. Don’t be afraid to perform the process in steps, perhaps with several sessions over the course of a few days.

If You Snip Too Far

If you do accidentally snip too far down on your kitten’s nail, you’ll cut the quick, which is the vein that runs into the claw. Bleeding will result, but that’s what your styptic powder or pen is for. These products staunch the bleeding after a few moments. You can also use your gauze pads to help stop the bleeding and clean up.

If your cat’s nail doesn’t stop bleeding, contact your vet’s office immediately for further instructions.

Offer a Reward

Once your kitten’s nails are all clipped, offer her a cat treat or two. This will let her know that getting her nails clipped results in a reward! Ask your Marietta veterinarian for more helpful tips and suggestions.

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