Homemade Dog Treats

Do you love to cook almost as much as you love your dog? If so, you may want to consider making your canine pal some homemade treats. While Fido may love some store-bought snacks, he may also go nuts for something you made just for him. Below, your vet Marietta gives a few options for doggy treats you can make yourself.

There are definitely some benefits to making your doggy treats, as opposed to buying them. First and foremost, you have full control over the ingredients, and can really tailor them to your dog’s taste and dietary needs. We recommend buying organic if possible. Another benefit is that you could find you save quite a bit on Fido’s snacks by making them yourself. Last but not least, if you really love cooking and enjoy making your creations pretty as well as delicious, you can personalize the treats by using different shapes, or even imprint your dog’s name into them.

Doggy Trail Mix

You can mix together little bits and pieces of leftover meat, potatoes, veggies, and fruit, and then use a food dehydrator, or put them into a 200-degree oven, to dry them out for a kibble treat.

Dog Biscuits

There are many variations on homemade dog biscuit recipes. Experiment with different mixes of beef, bacon, peanut butter, eggs, wheat broth, liver or liver powder, and cheese to find the flavor your furry friend will really get excited about.


Use applesauce, flour, apple chips, wheat, honey, and egg to make Fido his own special breakfast meal. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding bacon bits, pieces of chicken or beef, banana, or peanut butter.

Beefday Cake

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? If so, you can make him his very own cake using beef jerky, shredded beef, wheat flour, liver powder, oil, and butter. You might want to get a separate cake for Fido’s human family members!


If you’re making meatloaf for the family, you can make your furry buddy his own supper using chicken or beef broth; ground chicken, turkey, beef or pork; chopped veggies, such as spinach, carrots and potatoes; egg; and cottage cheese.

When cooking for your dog, remember to avoid using onion, garlic, or celery, as these can be quite toxic for your canine friend. If you’re experimenting, it may not hurt to jot down what you’re doing, so you will be able to recreate a treat Fido loves without having to guess at how you made it.

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