The Cat’s Meow

Does your kitty talk a lot? Or does your feline buddy only occasionally meow? Kitties are very interesting, cute, and sometimes perplexing animals. These little furballs definitely have big personalities, and one of the ways their unique characters shine through is in their vocalization patterns. Some cats chirp, some cats trill, some cats meow, and some cats just like to argue. Below, your veterinarian Smyrna discusses the cat’s meow.

There are a few eyebrow-raising facts about cats and meowing that you may not know. One thing that may surprise you to learn is that, while kittens meow at their mamas, grown-up cats rarely meow at other cats. They usually only meow at their people. Some scientists think cats actually started meowing in order to get their humans to pay more attention to them … usually at dinnertime. You may have noticed your kitty tends to let you know in very clear terms when she’s ready to eat. Do you tend to fill her plate more quickly if she’s meowing at you? If so, you’ve seen this tactic in action.

Cats meow for various reasons, aside from hunger. Kitties will cry when they are hurting, sick, or scared. They also cry for attention, out of boredom or loneliness, if they’ve gotten stuck in a cupboard or closet, if they’re trying to get into a cupboard or closet that is closed, if they’re on the wrong side of the door, or just to talk to you. Mating calls are another common reasons cats meow. Some kitties will cry when they push their favorite catnip mouse too far under a sofa, while others might mostly keep quiet until a moth or other intruder gets into the house. Some cats meow to say hi when their owners come home or walk into a room. Then there are some opinionated kitties that just have a lot to say, and don’t seem to care whether you can understand them or not.

Some breeds are definitely known for being more talkative than others are. The Siamese, for instance, is notorious for being quite vocal. The Oriental, Burmese, and Tonkinese are also known for being talkative. Different breeds also have different types of meow. The Maine Coon has a cute trilling, chirrupy sound, for instance, while the Siamese sometimes sounds rather like a crying human baby.

If your cat is usually quiet, and suddenly becomes very talkative, or vice versa, contact us, your vet clinic Smyrna, to make an appointment for a physical examination, as sudden changes in a cat’s meowing habits can be an indication of physical pain or illness.

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