Best Toys for Kitties

Watching a kitty hard at play has to be one of the cutest things ever. It’s hard not to smile when watching your furball chase a new catnip mouse. Playtime, however, is more than just fun for our feline friends. Many of Fluffy’s play behaviors imitate hunting habits, so the urge to play is a very strong instinct in cats. Play also helps Kitty get some exercise and mental stimulation, both of which are very important to her overall health and well-being. In this article, your veterinarian Marietta goes over some toy options for kitties.

Catnip Toys

Pet stores are filled with catnip mice, birds, squirrels, and other toys. These can be considered your basic cat toy, so you should always have at least a few around. Kitties love noise-making catnip toys, though Fluffy may drive you a bit batty if you get her too many of them.

Hi-Tech Toys

We’re well into the computer age, and our feline friends are coming right along with us. Some cats like watching TV, so try getting your furball a DVD of birds or even fish. You might be surprised at how long these programs can keep a kitty interested. There are also now electronic interactive toys, with more coming out all the time. Apple and Android have even recently launched game apps designed specifically for your furball.

Low-Tech Toys

At the other end of the spectrum, we find the plastic bottlecap. If you toss one down on the floor before your furball, there’s a good chance she’ll immediately start batting it around. Other low-tech toys include wadded paper balls, the plastic rings from milk gallons, and water bottles. Plastic balls with bells in them also go over well, though they tend to disappear under couches fairly quickly.

Interactive Toys

Wand toys, many of which have a catnip or feather toy attached on a string, are very popular with felines. Laser toys are also fun, and Fluffy can definitely burn off some energy chasing that annoying little red dot. Just don’t shine the laser right into her eyes, and, for safety reasons, store any toys with string out of Kitty’s reach when they are not in use.

Non-Toy Toys

Cats can amuse themselves for hours, playing with things that really aren’t toys. Cardboard boxes have to top the list of non-toy toys. Scientists know that cats enjoy being in small spaces, because it makes them feel safe, but that doesn’t entirely explain Fluffy’s obsession with boxes. Paper grocery bags are also often a big hit with kitties.

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