Fending Off Pet Odors in Your Home

It’s not uncommon for our pets to get a little smelly now and again, and it’s likely that parts of our home may start to reflect that after a while. If you’d like to combat the pet odors in your home, use these tips from a Marietta, GA veterinarian.


Regular grooming deals with the odor problem at its source—your pet! Run a pet-specific brush through your animal companion’s coat every day. This will smooth out fur, keep the skin clean, and moisturize the fur with natural skin oils, thereby cutting down on shedding. The occasional bath can also help; be sure to use a dog- or cat-formulated shampoo recommended by your veterinarian.


There’s just no substitute for good old-fashioned cleaning. Vacuum regularly to pick up pet hair, dander, and other detritus that may permeate your carpets and furniture. Some pet owners find success using a vacuum specifically designed to pick up pet hair. A quick dusting and cleaning with a standard household cleaner can also go a long way toward reducing odors.

Odor-Control Products

A wide variety of odor-control products are available on the market, from carpet shampoos to stain removers and everything in between. Odor neutralizers targeted specifically to cats and dogs work best, as these combat the enzymes that cause odors in the first place. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation on products that may help control pet odors in your home.

A Tip on Pet Beds

Since pets typically spend a lot of time on their beds, these areas can quickly become hot-zones for odors. Some pets even hoard food at their beds! Be sure to throw your pet’s bed in the wash every now and again to keep it smelling fresh. You can also try sprinkling a bit of baking soda over it to soak up residual odors.

Space Restrictions

For especially smelly pets, space restrictions may be a big help. This means confining your pet’s movements to only one floor of your home, or only allowing them up on one piece of furniture in the living room. This way, cleaning up the area that smells occur in is far easier. Talk to your vet to find out how to get started implementing space restrictions for your pet.

Do you think your pet’s odor is abnormal? Set up an appointment at your Marietta, GA animal hospital to have your pet examined.

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