Saving Money on Your Pet’s Care

Let’s face it—pets aren’t necessarily cheap. While you love your pet unconditionally, it certainly would be nice to save a little cash here and there. Below, your Marietta, GA veterinarian offers you a few ways to save yourself money in the long run without sacrificing your pet’s well-being in the least.

Preventative Healthcare

Not only is preventative healthcare more effective, it’s cheaper than dealing with an illness, infection, or infestation after the fact. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all essential vaccinations against contagious diseases. Also be sure that they’re on year-round pest preventives against fleas, ticks, and parasitic worms. This way, these issues can be avoided entirely before they present a problem, saving you worry and money.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering is about far more than controlling the homeless pet population. Having your pet fixed eliminates the possibility of genital cancers and greatly reduces the risk of prostate, breast, and other types of cancer. Even the likelihood of urinary tract infections and other problems is lowered. These issues will be costly and time-consuming to deal with later, so avoid them in the first place by having your pet spayed or neutered early in life.

Portion Control

Don’t overfeed your pet—you’re wasting food and potentially contributing to obesity, both of which waste your money in the long term. Check the food packaging label or ask your veterinarian to tell you about the proper portion size and mealtime scheduling for your pet. It’s healthy and cost-effective!

Grooming at Home

The majority of pets can have most of their grooming performed at home, saving you the cost of going to a grooming salon regularly. Simply use a dog- or-cat specific brush on your pet daily, and offer the occasional bath—using a pet shampoo, of course—to keep your pet’s coat in top condition. Of course, if your pet has an especially long coat or has specific grooming requirements, you’ll want the touch of a professional.

Nix the Novelties

Pet novelties like name-brand parkas or perfume are fun every once in a while, but pets could really care less about high fashion. If you overdo such items, you’re only wasting money. Try getting pet novelties only as holiday gifts or for your pet’s birthday.

Would you like more advice on saving money on pet care? Your Marietta, GA veterinarian is here to help. Call the clinic today!

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