5 Ways Play Benefits Your Dog

Do you play with your dog regularly? If so, that’s terrific! We all know how adorable dogs are when they want to play. Your canine buddy may run up to you, holding his favorite doggy toy and wagging his tail, just hoping you’ll play with him. Play is not only lots of fun for Fido, it’s also good for him, both mentally and physically. Below, a Marietta, GA veterinarian lists some ways play is beneficial for dogs.


Running, playing, and jumping is great for Fido physically. Regular play sessions will help keep your furry pal from becoming obese. They’ll also help keep him strong and healthy as he ages.


Man’s Best Friend is very intelligent. Fido can get bored and restless with nothing to do. And when our canine buddies get bored, they sometimes tend to get into mischief. Playing offers your pup beneficial mental stimulation, preventing doggy boredom.

Burning Excess Zoom

Is your canine buddy a furry rocket on paws? A fun play session will tire Fido out. This is beneficial in many ways. It can reduce behavioral issues, such as begging and digging, and can give anxious or uneasy pups a healthy outlet for their angst. It will also tire your pooch out a bit. After a fun play session, Fido will be calmer, and perhaps a bit sleepy.


Playing with your dog will help strengthen the bond between you. This is very important! Fido is capable of absolute, unwavering devotion and unconditional love, but that bond has to be nurtured. When you take time to play with your furry friend, he’ll know you’re doing something to make him happy. You’ll be repaid for your efforts with doggy kisses, tail wags, and lifelong friendship.


Last but not least, playing is just plain fun, for both you and Fido. The time we have with our canine pals often passes much too quickly: take time to cherish it, and enjoy it.


Always choose Fido’s toys carefully. Big dogs can choke on toys made for smaller pooches, and little dogs can hurt themselves on playthings made for large breeds. It’s also important to remember that not all activities are safe or suitable for every dog. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

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