Helpful Tips for Cat Owners Having Company

Are you planning to have company during the holidays? It’s always great to reconnect with friends and family members at this special time of year. If you have a kitty, however, you may want to take a few simple precautions to help keep both your visitors and your cat content. Below, a local Marietta, GA vet offers tips on helping Fluffy and your guests coexist peacefully.


Fluffy’s coat is one of her cutest features, but that pretty fur looks much better on her than it does on your clothes and furniture. Before your visitors arrive, you may need to de-fur your home. Vacuum and dust thoroughly, and change your air filters. Use a squeegee, damp cloth, or dishwashing glove to get pet hair off your carpets and upholstery. Brushing your furball will also help, as this will keep your kitty’s fur in a brush before it gets stuck to your sofa.


It’s fine to give your cat some special snacks around the holidays, but make sure you only offer your feline pal foods that are safe for her. While some kitties are quite finicky, others will eat pretty much anything! Ask your guests not to feed Fluffy without your permission, and follow your vet’s recommendations for safe and suitable treats.

Guest Room

Cats seem to have an unspoken rule about sleeping on people’s coats and belongings. If your visitors are staying overnight, advise them to keep their door closed. Otherwise, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll find Fluffy snoozing in a suitcase!


If you know or suspect that your guests have allergies, you may want to take some extra precautions to keep them comfortable. We recommend getting a good air purifier. You’ll also want to wash Fluffy’s bedding and the guest room linens. Use hot water and unscented detergent. For a thoughtful touch, set out tissues and OTC allergy medicine.

Shy Cats

Some kitties are super sociable, and may immediately start hopping from lap to lap. Other cats are quite bashful, and may hide as soon as they hear a stranger’s voice. If your furball is shy, put Fluffy in a quiet back room with toys, treats, food, and her litterbox, when your visitors arrive, and let her nap peacefully.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to call us anytime. As your local Marietta, GA pet clinic, we’re here to help!

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