Bringing an Outdoor Cat In

Have you decided to bring your cat indoors? Maybe you’ve decided that keeping Fluffy safe is more important than indulging her love of making pawprint art on your windshield. Or perhaps you’ve chosen to adopt a cute stray, and are trying to help your new pet adjust to the indoor life. We are here to help! Read on as a Marietta, GA vet discusses bringing an outdoor kitty in.


If you are adopting a stray, you may want to start Fluffy out in a quiet back room. Make sure your four-legged friend has everything she needs: food, toys, bedding, and, of course, a litterbox and litter. Don’t force attention on your feline pal. Just let her settle in. Offering her toys and treats will help win her trust.

Veterinary Care

Before letting Fluffy interact with other pets or children, bring her to the vet. In addition to a full exam, your furball will need vaccines, microchipping, parasite control, and, if she is still intact, spay/or neuter surgery.

Bringing The Outside In

A few simple touches can make your home both fun and comfortable for Fluffy. Set out some kitty-safe plants, so your kitty can still see green leaves, and peek out from behind them. Catnip and cat grass are both excellent options. Some other good choices are Boston ferns, Rubber Tree plants, Ponytail palms, and Areca palms. You can find many more pet-safe plants listed at the ASPCA website.

Purr Activation

Pampering Fluffy is quite easy! Start by providing plenty of soft beds and comfy napping places. Next, offer your feline pal lots of toys to play with. We also recommend giving your kitty a cat tower. If possible, place it in front of a window, so she can watch birds and squirrels while she is sunbathing. Instant purr!

Keeping Kitty In

If Fluffy has been outside before, it may take her some time to adjust to living indoors. She may sniff around the door, or even try to slip out. When you catch your feline buddy at the door, squirt her with water or make a loud noise. This will help your furball rethink her plans. In time, even former strays can become so content living indoors that they lose all desire to go outside.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Marietta, GA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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