Pool Safety for Dogs

Do you plan to spend some time at the pool this summer? Man’s Best Friend also often enjoys going for a dip to cool off on hot days. However, pools can be very dangerous for Fido! Here, a Marietta, GA vet discusses pool safety for dogs.

Swimming Lessons

If your furry pal doesn’t know how to swim, take some time to teach him. Be patient and gentle, and use treats and praise to encourage your pet. Never throw Fido into the pool. Although he may figure out the doggy paddle, he could also be so scared by the experience that he becomes frightened of the water.

Basic Precautions

Making sure Fido knows where the pool stairs are is very important! If your pup accidentally falls in, he could find himself in serious trouble if he can’t get out again! Spend some time teaching your furry buddy. Stand by the stairs, have him get into the water, and then call him to you. Repeat, slowly moving away from the stairs, so he has to go around. Continue these training sessions until you know he really remembers. You may want to mark the pool stairs with a visual landmark, like a potted tree.


We know, this may be easier said than done, but try not to let Fido drink pool water. It contains chemicals that really aren’t safe for dogs. Make sure your pooch always has fresh water outside.


After Fido is done swimming, rinse him off to get the chlorine and other chemicals out of his fur. Once your canine buddy is dry, give him a good brushing.


Doggy pool safety precautions are very similar to those you would use with a toddler. First and foremost, never leave Fido by the pool unattended. We also recommend fencing off the pool area. Pool coverings can also be an issue, as dogs sometimes mistake them for solid surfaces. This can be very dangerous!

Paw Care

Just like human skin, doggy paw pads get very delicate when they’re wet. Fido could get painful blisters and abrasions by running on harsh or hot surfaces after going swimming! Keep your canine friend on soft ground after he’s been swimming, and use paw balms to protect his furry feet.

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