Keeping Your Cat Active

Is your kitty a champion napper? Have you noticed your cat getting a bit chubby? As we all know, our feline pals are very energetic when they are young, but they tend to slow down quite a bit as they age. In fact, Fluffy may spend the majority of her adulthood resting after her frisky kitten stage. Read on as a Marietta, GA vet discusses keeping your cat active.


Provide your cat with plenty of toys to push under the couch. Our furry pals all have their own tastes, so experiment a bit, and find out if your cat likes catnip mice, string toys, or plastic balls.


Get your feline friend some pieces of cat furniture that encourage healthy activities, like jumping and climbing. Cat towers are a great option for this! You can also look into wall-mounted pieces, like catwalks or kitty shelves.


Spend a few minutes a day playing with Fluffy. Hold a laser pointer for her to chase, or dangle a fuzzy feather toy before her. This will be great for your furball, and it will be fun for you, too!


Catnip can really get Fluffy up and moving! While not all kitties react to catnip, many furballs absolutely love it. Watching your frisky feline play with a new catnip toy is bound to put a smile on your face, too!


Another fun way to keep your feline pal active is to get her a buddy to play with. Of course, not all cats enjoy having roommates. You’ll need to consider the age, temperament, and history of both kitties, as well as your own budget and household. Think it over carefully, and ask your vet for advice. Adopting a pet is big decision! If all the lights are green, consider giving another lucky furball a loving forever home.


You may be able to trick your furry friend into moving a bit more. Every little bit counts! Call Fluffy to you from the other end of the house. If she actually obeys and comes running, give her praise and attention. Another sneaky way to get your cat moving is to just pick up a kitty toy and toss it down the hall. Chances are, your feline buddy will immediately run after it!

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