Barbeque Safety for Dogs

Are you looking forward to summer cookouts? Chances are, your canine buddy will be delighted when you fire up the grill. If there’s one thing Fido gets excited about, it’s food! Just be sure to keep your dog’s health and safety in mind. Grill outs can be very dangerous for dogs! Read on as a local Marietta, GA vet lists some barbeque safety tips for Fido.


Food is definitely one of the biggest concerns here. Many popular foods are poisonous to our canine friends! Never let your furry best bud have anything that contains garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; nuts; avocados; chocolate; alcohol; or xylitol. Grapes, currants, and raisins are also toxic to Fido. Other unsafe foods include raw meat, dough, or yeast; pitted fruits; and nuts. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe foods.


Make sure to keep up with your furry friend’s parasite control program! Heartworms, fleas, and ticks can cause serious health issues, some of which can even be fatal! Ask your vet for specific advice.


Man’s Best Friend is quite opportunistic, especially when it comes to food. Pick up leftovers and trash as soon as everyone has finished eating. After a big meal, the trash may contain some very dangerous items, such as toothpicks, bones, tinfoil, and plastic wrap. Use a trash can with a secure lid, just in case your four-legged buddy gets any bright ideas about scoring himself some leftovers from the garbage.


Don’t let Fido get too close to the grill. You don’t want to take a chance on your furry buddy getting singed, or even knocking a lit grill over. Dogs also sometimes snap up hot pieces of food that fall to the ground. This can cause painful mouth burns.


Bug spray, lighter fluid, charcoal, citronella, sunscreen, and other chemicals can be very dangerous to pets. Keep these things well out of paw’s reach!


Never let your four-legged friend run around off-leash, except of course within fenced areas. If you are in a fenced yard, keep an eye on the gate as people are coming and going. It’s very easy for a pup to slip out an open gate or door!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Marietta, GA pet clinic, for all of your canine pal’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!

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