Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets add many wonderful things to our lives. They keep us smiling with their cute antics, offer us unconditional love and loyalty, and make our house into homes. They also make our houses, well, a bit dirty. Read on for some great cleaning tips from a Marietta, GA vet.


Vacuuming regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your home looking—and smelling—fresh. While any vacuum cleaner will work, some models are made specifically for dealing with pet fur. You may also want to consider a robotic vacuum, which you can program to clean on a schedule. We recommend that you always be home when your robotic vacuum is running. Otherwise, if your pet makes a mess, the vacuum may actually spread it around. Yuck!


Our canine pals certainly leave paw prints on our hearts. They also leave them on our floors! Get a good mat for the door. You may also want to buy or make pet wipes, and keep them at the door. That way, you can quickly clean Fido’s paws before you bring him in.


Brushing your pet regularly will help remove dead fur and dander from their coat. This will in turn reduce the amount of hair you find plastered to your clothing and furniture. If you have a dog, take your pup outside to brush him on nice days. You’ll also need to bathe your canine pal regularly. Fido’s bath schedule will depend on his breed: some dogs should be bathed at least once a month, while others only need occasional baths.

Helpful Hacks

Does Fido leave nose art on your windows? Use vinegar and newspaper to clean your furry pal’s masterpieces. Use a squeegee, damp sponge, or rubber dish glove to remove fur from carpets or upholstery.

Pet Stains

Even the most well-trained pet has accidents on occasion. Keep a pet-specific stain remover on hand. In a pinch, you can use vinegar and baking soda. You may also want to invest in a steam cleaner, even if it’s just a handheld one for spots.

Air Fresheners

We recommend getting a good air purifier, and changing the filters regularly. Pet-safe plants will also help. You can find a full list of options at the ASPCA website.

Please call us, your Marietta, GA pet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to providing great care!

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