New Year’s Resolutions for Confused Dogs

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2019? If so, your canine friend will be right there with you as you strive to meet your goals, even if he doesn’t understand what they are. In fact, your pooch may have some things on his own agenda that he wants to figure out this year. Read on as a Marietta, GA vet lists some things that may be on your four-legged buddy’s list of resolutions this year.

Stop Falling For The Fake Throw

It really isn’t polite to laugh at our furry best friends, but sometimes we just can’t help it. It’s too easy to fake our canine pals out by pretending to throw something. No matter how many times Fido gets fooled, he keeps falling for this same old trick.

Remember The Glass Door

Man’s Best Friend is very smart in his own way, but he doesn’t really have a concept of construction materials. Many of our canine companions don’t really understand glass doors, and run right into them. Ouch!

Chase Off The Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner is definitely a must for anyone with dogs. However, as far as Fido is concerned, the vacuum is a scary robot that must be stopped!

Get Out Of Bath Time

Just like people, dogs seem to enjoy feeling salon fresh, and are often extra perky when they feel soft and clean. However, Fido is significantly less enthusiastic about the process of getting there. Your pooch may try to figure out how to avoid being bathed this year.

Figure The Cat Out

We really can’t blame Fido for not understanding cats. After all, our feline friends can be rather perplexing. We are also confused by their love of boxes and their napping predilections, and don’t really know why they always look so smug. Your canine buddy, on the other hand, may be more curious as to why Fluffy goes to the bathroom in a box, bathes herself voluntarily, and doesn’t like car rides.

Catch That Red Dot

Although Fluffy and Fido aren’t always on the same page, they do have one thing in common: they just can’t seem to catch that elusive red spot!

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