6 Ways To Pamper A Senior Dog

Is your dog in his senior years? How quickly Fido ages will depend very much on his size and breed. Small dogs may not reach their golden years until nine or ten, while large breeds can become seniors as early as age six. All our canine pals do slow down with age, however, and need some extra TLC as they grow older. Here, a Marietta, GA vet discusses keeping your senior dog happy and comfortable.

Comfy Beds

One of the best ways to keep Fido comfortable is to get him a really comfy bed. Orthopedic beds are a great choice, as they offer extra support. This is important, as many dogs get stiff and sore as they age.

Pet Stairs

Fido may have trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of the car. Get some pet ramps or stairs to help your furry friend get around.

Suitable Exercise

It’s normal for dogs to slow down as they age, but that doesn’t mean Fido won’t still need exercise. Keeping your pooch active will benefit him both physically and mentally. You may also find that you really enjoy taking long, slow strolls with your furry best friend!

Doggy Comforts

Small touches sometimes mean the world to Man’s Best Friend. Brushing your pet will keep his coat smooth and soft, and keep it from getting itchy. Claw trims are also important. Long nails are very uncomfortable for pups! Also, remember to keep up with Fido’s dental care needs. Raised dishes are beneficial, too, as they’re easier for dogs to eat from than bowls on the floor.

Veterinary Care

Fido will benefit from more frequent appointments, especially if he develops a health condition. There are now many wonderful treatment options for common health problems many senior dogs face. These can help your beloved pet live longer, and reduce any pain or discomfort he has.

Belly Rubs

Never forget that you’re the center of Fido’s world. Spend lots of time with your old friend, and pay lots of attention to him. This is a beautiful and special time of your dog’s life. Although your furry buddy may not be as bouncy and playful as he was, he’ll still be full of love and tail wags.

If you have question about senior dog care, please contact us today. As your Marietta, GA vet clinic, we’re happy to help!

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