Common Dog Bathing Mistakes

Does your dog run and hide when he hears the word Bath? Although dogs seem to enjoy feeling fresh and clean, they aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the process that gets them there. And, while giving Fido a bath seems pretty simple, there actually are some things to be careful of. Here, a Marietta, GA vet lists some common dog bathing mistakes.

Bad Bathing Schedule

Your pup’s bathing schedule will depend on a few things, the most important ones being the type and length of his fur. (Of course, if your canine buddy loves splashing around in the mud, that will also factor in.) If you bathe Fido too often, you could strip the oils from his fur, leaving his coat dry and frizzy. If you don’t bathe him enough, you end up with a stinky dog. Ask your vet for advice.

Wrong Water Temperature

Many people enjoy taking scalding-hot showers. Dogs? Not so much. Our canine friends have very sensitive skin, which can burn easily. Always use warm, not hot, water, when bathing Fido.

Strong Soaps

When bathing your furry friend, only use shampoos made for dogs. Products made for people are formulated to work with the PH balance of human skin, which is very different from Fido’s. You may also want to avoid perfumed shampoos. They may smell good to you, but could be overpowering to your pup’s sensitive nose.

Soap In The Eyes

This has happened to all of us at some point or another. However, Fido won’t really understand what’s going on: he’ll just feel that unpleasant sting. Use a pitcher or teapot for rinsing your canine pal’s head, and keep suds away from that furry face.

Too Much Water Pressure

A handheld sprayer definitely makes washing Fido a bit easier, but it can also frighten your pet. Make sure the water pressure isn’t too strong.

Bad Vibes

It’s probably safe to say that Fido would rather be doing anything other than being bathed. There are things you can do to make the experience more pleasant for him. Talk to your pooch during his beauty treatment, and offer lots of cuddles and praise. When bath time is over, give your cute pet a new toy or a special treat to get his tail wagging again.

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