Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips

Being a homeowner can be very rewarding. It’s also a lot of work! You’ll have plenty of decisions to make, for everything from paint colors to window treatments. When it comes to landscaping, be sure to keep your pet’s safety in mind. Read on for some great landscaping tips from a Marietta, GA vet.

Remove Toxic Plants

Toxic plants are a huge safety issue with our furry pals. Some, such as Sago palms, can be deadly if ingested, even in small doses. Check the ASPCA site here for a list of safe and unsafe plants. Remove anything not listed as safe.

Choose Pet-Safe Ground Covers

Mulch is a popular ground cover, and it can be very good for plants. However, it isn’t really great for pets. For one thing, it offers fleas, ticks, and other critters easy hiding spots. Fido could also choke on a piece if he tries to eat it. Plus, dogs and cats can both get splinters from walking over it. Cocoa mulch is particularly bad, as it’s toxic to pets. If you do need to use mulch for plants, block your pet’s access to those areas.

Repel Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks love to lurk in tall grasses. Keeping your lawn neatly mowed will help repel them. You’ll also want to keep up with removing debris, such as fallen branches. If you have a garden or produce trees, pick up any fallen fruits or veggies right away, as they can attract wild animals that carry parasites. It’s also a good idea to keep birdfeeders and fruit-bearing trees and plants away from the house a bit. Hedges can also provide fleas and ticks with easy access. When you plant them, try to situate them so they don’t touch the walls of your house. Once they are established, trim them back regularly.

Divide Up Your Yard

Fido has many talents, but he isn’t exactly a great gardener. If you are concerned that your dog will trample or dig up your garden, divide the yard up into segments. You can use one for plants, and still give your pup space to run and play. If you have a cat, consider making Fluffy a kitty enclosure, so she can safely enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

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