Boarding Your Cat

Kitties are quite independent. Fluffy can stay alone much longer than Fido, provided she has food, fresh water, and a clean litterbox. However, she shouldn’t be left by herself for too long. Cats get very attached to their humans, and can get bored, lonely, and anxious if they feel isolated. This can affect your pet’s health, and can wreak havoc on her appetite and digestion. There are some times when it’s simply best to board Fluffy. Here, a Marietta, GA vet discusses boarding kitties.

Know The Benefits

Safety is the biggest reason to board your kitty. Cats are pretty mischievous, and can get in all sorts of trouble. When you board Fluffy, you won’t have to worry about whether she’s gotten herself stuck in a drawer or locked in a closet. You’ll also know that she’s safe and comfy in her kitty hotel, rather than sitting alone by herself.

Decide When To Board

When should you consider boarding? As a rule of thumb, anytime you leave for more than a day. You may also want to board Fluffy during moves and major home renovations. It’s worth noting that kittens, senior cats, and furballs with medical issues need more care than healthy adult furballs. These guys may need to be boarded more often, such as during overnight trips.

Pack Properly

Every kennel is different. Some will allow you to bring toys and bedding, while others want to use their own things. (Note: this is often so they can ensure items are properly washed and disinfected, to prevent the spread of fleas and germs.) Make sure you know what to pack. If you’re bringing your cat’s food, include a few extra days’ worth, just in case. If Fluffy is finicky about litter, ask if you can bring her preferred brand.

Do Some Research

Fluffy is more than a furry couch potato: she’s your friend and companion! Do some research before choosing a kennel. Read reviews, and ask your vet for recommendations. While you’re at it, look into policies. Ask about things like business hours for drop off and pickup, and policies for contacting you.

Book In Advance

If you’re traveling at a busy time, such as around a holiday, book the kennel in advance. You want to make sure you get Fluffy’s slot reserved!

Do you need to board your cat? Contact us, your Marietta, GA vet clinic, today!

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