4 Reasons to Foster a Pet

Did you know that June is Foster A Pet Month? While any time is a good time to foster a pet, the need is often critical at this time of year, as shelters are overwhelmed with kittens and puppies. This year, with the coronavirus pandemic, there is an even greater need. If you have the time, space, and budget, why not foster a pet. A local Marietta, GA vet lists some great reasons to consider fostering below.

Help An Animal In Need

If you’re an animal lover, like we are, you may likely find yourself deeply affected by stories of pets who need help, and wishing you could help all of them. That’s too big a task for one person, but you can definitely help at least one!

Support Your Local Community

Fostering pets also helps those in your local community. This could be someone who is recuperating from illness, deployed with military, or working out of town. Or, it could be pets that are very young, and need overnight care. Others may need training, or be recuperating from illness or injury. Whether you are helping someone by caring for their pet, or taking a bit of pressure off a shelter, this is definitely a time to band together with those around you.

Benefit Children

Being around pets is very good for children. After all, your little one will gain a friend, a cuddle buddy, and a playmate. Fostering pets can also be a learning experience. However, keep in mind that children get very attached to pets, especially during hard times. It may be very difficult for your little one to say goodbye. If you think that your youngster will be upset at having to let go, it may be better to consider volunteering or even adopting.

It’s Rewarding

It’s a truly beautiful experience to see a pet thrive and grow with good care. Positive experiences and emotions are very important at times like this. Helping others is also a great way to turn stress, fear, anxiety, and other troubles into something positive. Plus, it’s great to watch an animal you’ve helped being welcomed into a wonderful forever home. That’s something every pet deserves!

As your local Marietta, GA vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping you all through this difficult year. Please reach out to us if ever we can be of assistance.

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