Cold Treats for Fido

Does your dog get excited when he thinks he’s getting a treat? We suspect the answer to that one is a yes. Fido can also enjoy some cold treats at this time of year. A Marietta, GA vet lists some options below.

Ice Cream

While you should never give Fido any regular ice cream, you can buy him some that was made just for dogs. You can find several types in pet stores and supermarkets. You can also make your own. You’ll want to start with a base. You can use peanut butter, plain yogurt, organic gravy or baby food, pureed pumpkin, ripe banana, pureed cooked meat, and/or sodium-free broth. For toppings, you can add things like bacon bits, shredded meat, kibble, and dog-safe fruits and veggies. Just be sure to stick to ingredients that are safe for Fido. Ask your vet for more information.


Sodium-free broth is a great treat for Man’s Best Friend. It contains electrolytes, which help keep Fido hydrated. Offer your pooch a bowl of chilled broth when it’s hot. Or, freeze some in molds or an ice cube tray.


Want to really get that tail going? Put chew sticks in waxed paper cups. Or, put kibble, shredded meat, dog treats, and/or safe produce in an ice cube tray. You can also find freezer molds for Fido that will work. Pour water or broth—or a mixture of the two—over it and freeze.

Canned Food

Get some wet dog food, and add some water or broth to thin it out. Then, pour some into ice cube trays and freeze overnight. Offer your pooch one or two when it’s really hot out.


Who says you can’t experiment a bit? Pour some organic gravy over shaved ice. Or, mix ice with canned dog food, kibble, or treats in a blender.

Slice A Roll

Buy a roll of precooked pork, lamb, or sausage, and keep it in the freezer. Slice off a thin piece when you want to give Fido a snack.

Unsafe Foods

Always stick to things that are safe for Fido. Never give your pup garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; grapes, currants, or raisins; avocado; pitted fruits; chocolate; meat on the bone; mushrooms; alcohol; or anything containing xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your local Marietta, GA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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