Celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Responsible Dog Ownership Day is September 18th! We all know what Fido’s basic needs are: food, shelter, fresh water, and, of course, proper veterinary care. However, a truly great pet care regimen requires much more than that! A Marietta, GA vet lists some great ways to honor this ‘pawspicious’ occasion below.

Yard Work

September’s gorgeous weather can be absolutely perfect for getting things done outdoors. Take a look at your property, and address anything that could be dangerous to Fido. This includes toxic plants, boards with nails or screws sticking out, and piles of debris that could be housing snakes or other critters. If you have a fence, make sure that it’s secure, so your pooch can’t get over or under it. If your four-legged pal has a doghouse, give that a good going-over as well.


Does your pup know basic commands? If Fido hasn’t mastered things like Sit, Stay, Come, and Heel yet, it’s a good idea to work on his petucation. This isn’t just about doggy manners: that training is crucial to both your canine buddy’s safety and the safety of others. Work on one thing at a time, and be consistent. Reward your poocht with treats and praise for doing well!


Given the option, your furry friend would probably rather celebrate by eating some bacon, or perhaps playing with a new toy. However, good grooming is also a big part of responsible dog ownership. How often Fido needs to be brushed and/or bathed will depend on his breed and coat type, so ask your vet for specific advice. Dental care and claw trims are also important.


Fido needs exercise just as much as you do. Even if you have a yard, your pooch will benefit from the activity and change of scenery daily walks provide. Take your four-legged friend for a relaxing stroll!

Tail Wags

Now for the fun part! Being a good dog owner isn’t all work and no play. It’s also important to make sure your furry best buddy feels happy and loved. You know what that means! Treats, toys, playtime, and belly rubs are all in order. Enjoy this time with your canine companion. Happy dogs are one of the best things in life in our book!

As your Marietta, GA animal clinic, we’re here to help you keep your pet safe. Call us anytime!

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