Getting Fido A Squeaky Toy

October 28th is Plush Toy Day! Does your canine buddy like stuffed animals or plush toys? It’s always super cute seeing how excited Fido gets when he spots a new plushie. A Marietta, GA vet discusses plush toys below.

Discarding Old Toys

Some dogs will almost expertly remove the stuffing and squeakers. If your pooch does this, you’ll need to supervise his play sessions carefully. Fido could choke if he tries to eat his toy’s innards! And if he does swallow them, he could be in for some dangerous gastrointestinal problems.


Keep an eye on your furry friend’s toys. Fido can be pretty rough with his playthings. Plus, given that dogs play with their mouths, it may not take too long for that cute squirrel toy to get, well, pretty gross. Most stuffed toys are machine washable. WIth most toys, you can use unscented, hypoallergenic detergent, and tumble dry low. Check the label first, though.


One way to keep things fun and fresh for your pup is to rotate his toys out regularly. That will help keep your four-legged buddy from getting bored with his things. (Tip: toss one toy in the wash while Fido is occupied with a different one.)

Retiring Toys

Sooner or later, there will come a day when Fido’s favorite squeaky octopus toy has come to the end of its days. A small rip or tear can be sewn, but if your furry pal’s plaything is now just a few pieces of material, it’s best to replace it. (Needless to say, you’ll want to do this when your pooch is sleeping or outdoors.)

Prey Drive

Prey drive is something to be aware of. Man’s Best Friend was originally a hunter. Even cuddly lap dogs still have some predatory instincts left. While many pups will just have fun playing with plush toys, others can get a bit too involved with these play sessions. If you know or suspect that Fido has a strong prey drive, ask your vet for advice on suitable toys.

Choosing Toys

Picking dog toys isn’t rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind. Always pick things that are appropriate for Fido’s age, size, and breed. Also, try to stick with non-toxic materials and stuffing.

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