Fido’s Favorite Things

Happy New Year! Today, many people are making resolutions, and setting personal goals for the coming year. Your canine buddy will be your most loyal and faithful fan and supporter over the next 12 months, and will cheer you on with happy dances and tail wags as you strive to make your goals. Why not incorporate your furry pal into your priorities for 2022? Of course, if you want to keep that tail going, it’s good to know what your pooch loves most. A Marietta, GA vet goes over some of Fido’s favorite things below.


Fido is more or less hardwired to want to run and explore, well, everything. Daily walks are crucial for your pup’s mental and physical health. Sniffing new things provides your canine pal with mental stimulation, and just gives him a chance to enjoy being a dog. Take your pup on at least one daily walk. Remember to change your route up regularly, so your four-legged pal doesn’t get bored with the same-old same-old. Variety is the spice of life!


We all know that Man’s Best Friend is very, very fond of treats. Giving your canine companion yummy tidbits of food can actually be beneficial in many ways. For one thing, treats are great training aids. They can also be a wonderful way to bond with your pooch and make him feel loved and safe. The key here is to not go overboard with fatty foods. Stick with safer, healthier options, and be mindful of portion sizes.


Dogs are always cute, but they somehow manage to be extra adorable when they are hard at play. Playing gives Fido a chance to indulge his inner puppy. It also allows him a way to burn off his excess energy and work off any doggy angst he feels. Take at least a few minutes a day to toss a toy for your furry best friend.


If Fido were to list his favorite things, you would be at the top of the list. Your pet’s whole world revolves around you! Be sure to spend plenty of quality time with your fuzzy buddy this year. This will be good for you as well. Time spent with dogs is never wasted!

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