Cute Ways To Celebrate Little Pampered Dog Day With Fido

Do you have a pint-sized pup? If so, you may want to mark your calendar for April 27th: it’s Little Pampered Dog Day! While medium, large, and giant dogs also deserve to be loved and spoiled, many of our smaller canine buddies have it made when it comes to being pampered. A Marietta, GA vet lists some cute ways to get Fido’s tail going in this article.

Pupscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have become quite popular over the past few years, and with good reason. It’s always fun to open up a box of surprise goodies! Turns out that our canine companions love these just as much as we do. Look for one that is specifically made for small dogs.

Travel Bag

Do you like to take your furry friend out and about with you? Make sure he has a safe, sturdy carrier. Hard-shell ones may be less comfortable to carry than purse-style ones, but they will protect your little buddy from getting jostled. Always bring water along for Fido, and let him out to stretch his little legs regularly.

Photo Session

Little dogs can take absolutely adorable pictures! They also look cute in accessories. Safety first, though! Don’t put Fido in anything tight, hot, itchy, or restrictive. If you use props, stick with safe ones.

Spa Day

While most of our canine buddies are definitely not fans of being bathed, they do enjoy feeling fresh and clean. Book Fido an appointment for a doggy spa date at his groomer’s. Don’t forget about nail trims and pedicures!


If your furry little buddy hasn’t finished training yet, put that on your to-do list. This is important both for safety and petiquette. Little dogs can get a bit pushy. Many of them seem to see themselves as Rottweilers! Make sure Fido knows basic commands. Treats and praise will help make training fun for him.


Speaking of treats, they are also a must. Just don’t go overboard. It’s very easy to overfeed a little dog!


Playing is important for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It helps keep your pooch active, entertains him, and lets him work off any angst he’s feeling. Plust, it’s just fun! A new toy and a fun play session are definitely in order.

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