Getting A Second Dog

November 19th is Get Your Pet A Pal Day! If you’ve been thinking about getting another dog, this is a great time to do so. Of course, this is a big decision, so there’s plenty for you to consider. A Marietta, GA vet offers some advice on adopting a second pooch in this article.


The best reason to get Fido a buddy? Dogs are very sociable, and really enjoy having friends. Our canine pals are basically hard-wired to exist as part of a pack. You’ll also get twice the tail wags, twice the happy dances, and twice the love. Plus, it’s also just a wonderful feeling to give a cute pup a loving home.


There are a few things on the down side to consider. Expense is a big one. While Fido and Spot can share some things, you’ll essentially be doubling your pet care costs for things like food, treats, and veterinary care. You’ll also have more fur and messes to clean up. Renters may need to consider the possibility of having difficulty finding a new place, as many landlords will only allow one dog. Think long and hard before proceeding!

Making The Match

As mentioned above, many of our canine companions love having buddies to play with. However, not all pooches get along. Choosing the right one is half the battle here. Even if you think Fido and Spot will become friends, there are no guarantees. Our furry pals all have their own personalities and, and, just like people, some just don’t click. You definitely do not want two dogs that are alpha types: that’s just asking for trouble. Ideally, you’ll want a pup that’s somewhat similar in personality, size, and activity level to your own dog.

Meet N Greet

If you do decide to move forward, it’s best to introduce Fido and Spot before finalizing everything. Do this on neutral ground, if possible. One good option would be taking the pups for a walk together. When your canine buddies interact, pay close attention to body language. For instance, playful bows and tail wags are good signs. Tail tucking, raised hackles, and snarling? Not so much. If things don’t go well, you may need to reconsider, or try again with another pooch.

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