7 Ways To Keep Fido Safe At The Pool

Summer is coming! If you have a pool, you may already be preparing to enjoy some time in the water on hot days. Pools can be very dangerous for our canine buddies, so you’ll need to take some steps to keep Fido safe. A local Marietta, GA vet lists some tips on this below.




First and foremost, never leave Fido by the pool unsupervised … even if he took to the water like a furry, barking duck. Even great swimmers can get into trouble quickly if they slip, get injured, or get caught on something. 




Make sure your fuzzy buddy knows how to get out of the pool. Take time training him, and test him to make sure he remembers. If Fido can’t swim, it’s also a good idea to teach him. (Note: swimming isn’t right for all dogs, so check with your vet if you aren’t sure.)


Pool Fences


Fences may be the or one of the most foolproof options here. If your yard design makes putting a fence up tricky, opt for portable temporary fences. Patio furniture may also work, though this of course depends on the furniture and the pooch. A table probably won’t keep a Pomeranian away from the pool: he’ll just go under it.


Doggy Stairs 


This is a great option for above-ground pools. Of course, you’ll have to teach  your canine friend how to use them! 




If your furry best bud is a natural swimmer that will leap into the pool any chance he gets, you may not need a lifejacket at the pool, but you should probably still have one for boating. That said, we definitely recommend them for pups that can’t swim well, and for small dogs, brachys, puppies, and seniors. 


Skip The Cover 


Pool covers can also be dangerous. Dogs don’t always realize that those covers aren’t solid surfaces, and may try to walk on them. Needless to say, it would be very dangerous if your canine companion were to fall in! 




Consider putting a visible landmark near the pool entrance. A potted tree or life float will work. If Fido falls in, that may help him find the exit more easily. 


Please feel free to contact us, your Marietta, GA animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help! 

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