Picnic and Party Safety Tips for Pets

You’re probably going to include your pet in at least one picnic or party this summer. It’s especially likely with the Fourth of July holiday approaching! Make sure your pet stays safe from harm with your Marietta vet’s safety tips, found below.

Protect Pet from Sun and Heat

It’s the hottest time of year—will your pet be safe under the scorching sun? Make sure your cat or dog has plenty of cool, fresh water to sip on at all times. If your pet is spending time outdoors, there needs to be a shady spot available so he can cool down. You might even consider applying a dog- or cat-specific sunscreen to exposed skin, like that on the nose tip and ear edges. Ask your vet to recommend a good product.

Restrict Access to Picnic Food

Various picnic foods are actually quite harmful to pets—the list includes grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, avocado, salty foods like chips and pretzels, chocolate, candy, and more. Some of these can cause toxic reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, seizures, and worse. Too many fatty table scraps can also give a pet an upset stomach or diarrhea, so don’t let any picnic or partygoers slip your pet too much human food.

Watch Your Cocktails

Will your party or picnic include adult beverages? Don’t forget that even small amounts of alcohol can affect a pet severely. Alcohol affects pets the same way it affects us, but it doesn’t take nearly as much to damage essential organs. Take care to have your pet avoid all beer, wine, liquor, and champagne. Keep your vet’s number close by to call in the event of an emergency.

Swimming and Water Safety

Accompanying your dog for a dip in the backyard pool or a public lake? Keep in mind that not all dogs are great swimmers, and some may not be able to stay afloat at all! Even if your dog is comfortable in the water, it’s safest to stay in with him for support. Also remember to rinse out your dog’s coat after swimming, since salt water and chlorine will dry out the skin.

Keep your next summertime picnic or party fun for everyone, including your pet—ask your Marietta veterinarian for more great tips!

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