Building Your Pet’s Emergency Kit

As pet owners, we don’t want to think about the possibilities should an emergency arise—however, if you want your pet to be as safe and prepared as possible when disaster strikes, you need to be proactive! One way to do this is by building a pet-specific emergency kit. Learn what to include from your Smyrna veterinarian:

Medical Records

Medical records are one of the most commonly-forgotten items to be included in a pet emergency kit, but they’re essential. Should you have to evacuate your home, take your pet to a shelter, or even take your pet to a different vet’s office than usual, medical records will be extremely helpful. Some shelters might not even accept pets unless up-to-date medical records can be presented. Put all documentation you have in a water-tight bag and put it in the bottom of the kit.

First-Aid Essentials

Now, pack your first-aid essentials. These can include gauze pads, bandages, styptic powder to staunch bleeding, nail clippers, medical tape, scissors, and a disinfectant solution. Your vet can let you know what other first-aid items you may want to pack based on your particular pet’s needs.

Pet-Specific Medications

Does your pet take any medications regularly? You don’t want to be without them should you have to leave your home. Make sure to pack a supply of your pet’s meds in your emergency kit. Check them periodically and replace them if they’ve expired.

Food and Water

Depending on how long you may have to be away from home, your pet will need food. Since you don’t know if you’ll be able to get to a store to buy any, it’s best to pack it in your emergency kit. Canned food is best because it won’t spoil as quickly. Bottled water is essential as well, not only for drinking but for cleaning any wounds or rinsing off your pet’s coat.

Leash, Bedding, Toys

Don’t forget your pet’s other essential items, like a familiar pet bed, a few of her favorite toys, and a sturdy leash. Even if your pet is well-trained, you’ll want to have a leash for emergencies.

It might not be fun, but packing a pet emergency kit is one of the best ways to make sure your pet stays healthy, regardless of what life throws at you! Ask your Smyrna vet for more advice on what to include in your pet’s kit.

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