The Vaccinations Your Puppy Needs

It’s Immunization Awareness Month—do you know what vaccines your puppy needs to remain healthy? Learn more below as a Marietta veterinarian tells you about the basics.

What Core Vaccines Does My Pup Need?

The core vaccinations are a group of immunizations, usually administered together in a batch to young pups, that are considered essential for all dogs to have. They usually include the parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies vaccinations. Because of the high risk and easy transmission of these diseases, all puppies need to get them.

What About Other Vaccinations?

Vaccinations that aren’t considered core are known as non-core vaccines. These may be necessary for your puppy to get, depending on environment, lifestyle, location, your pup’s health, and other factors. Some common non-core vaccines are the parainfluenza, Bordetella, and Leptospira bacteria vaccinations. The best way to find out what non-core immunizations your puppy might benefit from is to call your veterinarian’s office.

Are Vaccines a Legal Requirement?

Some are, and some aren’t. The rabies vaccination, however, is legally required just about everywhere because of its potential to be transmitted to humans and other animals. Again, check with your vet to make absolutely sure what will be required by law and what won’t.

How Often Do Vaccines Need Updated?

Many vaccinations need yearly updates. Most dog owners schedule a yearly check-up with their vet, at which point the vaccines are given booster shots. Other vaccinations, such as the rabies shot, needs updated every three years. Your veterinarian can tell you the exact schedule for all the immunizations your puppy needs.

How Do I Get My Puppy Started?

Make an appointment at your Marietta veterinarian’s office if your puppy needs vaccinations, needs his shots updated, or if you want to talk one-on-one about the immunizations your dog needs. Proper immunizations are an easy and highly effective way to make sure your dog remains in peak health, so call today!

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