Get a Handle on Your Cat’s Dental Health

Your cat Sparky’s teeth are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, you’re already acquainted with Sparky’s formidable choppers. Your feisty cat has some food aggression, and he frequently nails you when you touch his food bowl. While Sparky’s teeth deserve some respect, his feline fangs are susceptible to dental diseases that often befall humans. Since you want Sparky to escape these uncomfortable ailments, ask your veterinarian from Smyrna to provide your cat with regular dental care.

Periodontitis Runs Rampant

While you probably know that periodontitis often affects humans, it’s also the most common feline dental disease. Periodontitis develops when plaque, a soft mix of food, bacteria, and saliva, attacks Sparky’s gums and teeth.The plaque eventually hardens into tartar, which really irritates tooth and root tissues.

First, you’ll notice that Sparky has reddened gums, or gingivitis. Next, he’ll exhibit infections and abscesses around those affected teeth. Poor Sparky might suffer from bleeding, pain, obnoxious breath, and tooth loss. Now that Sparky’s gums have been weakened, bacteria can enter his bloodstream, potentially affecting his heart and kidneys.

Cavities Can Bother Your Cat

But wait, there’s more! Poor Sparky can also become the victim of feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, or FORLs. This impressive-sounding term refers to cavities on teeth sides near gum lines. These “kitty cavities” erode a tooth, causing it to break or exposing its pulp to infection. Sparky can also experience severe gum inflammation from this ailment.

Regular Feline Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are the first step in resolving Sparky’s dental problems. Your vet will examine Sparky’s teeth during each regular physical exam; however, get Sparky in sooner if he develops nasty breath, has trouble eating, or begins to drool.

Cleaning and Polishing Treatment

If Sparky’s teeth show tartar accumulation or gingivitis, the vet will schedule a thorough dental cleaning for your cat. While Sparky’s under anesthesia, the vet will carefully clean your cat’s tooth surfaces, even under gum lines. Sparky will also receive a tooth polish that discourages new plaque from adhering to his clean choppers.

Toothbrushing Regimen

Here’s how you can help Sparky fend off future dental problems. By brushing your cat’s outside tooth surfaces, you’ll guard against troubling plaque buildup. Ask your vet how to introduce Sparky to his brushing routine, while keeping your fingers intact. Following your vet’s advice, brush Sparky’s teeth daily with a tasty flavored cat toothpaste. Don’t use human toothpaste, as Sparky can experience mouth irritation and stomach upheaval.

Once your Smyrna vet introduces Sparky’s dental health program, your cat will likely have less mouth discomfort. Sparky’s breath should also smell much fresher. Your vet will be pleased that Sparky is making progress toward better dental health.

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