Your Cat’s Purr

One of Fluffy’s most endearing traits is, undoubtedly, that adorable little rumbling sound she makes when she’s happy. But what exactly is purring, and why do cats do it? Below, your vet Marietta discusses Kitty’s little motor.

The Science of Purring

Cats have been our pets and companions eons, but there are many things we still haven’t quite figured out about them. This is partly because cats are, well, a little weird, and partly because they often refuse to take part in scientific studies. That said, scientists have learned a few things about purring. It’s suspected that kitties started purring as a way to signal to their mamas that all was well. Kittens spend a good deal of time nursing and napping, and they can purr while doing both. Interestingly, gorillas, squirrels, hyenas, and elephants also purr, though as one can imagine, they sound very different than your little furball!

The Benefits of Purring

If you’ve ever snuggled up with a purring cat, you may have noticed that you feel relaxed after just a few moments. That endearing little rumble is not only super cute, it’s also very calming, both for Fluffy and for us! Actually, this adorable habit has some very impressive benefits. Scientists have discovered that kitties are very good for us. They lower our blood pressure, relieve stress, and help with anxiety and depression. The purr is no doubt a major part of Kitty’s healing powers. Some cat owners even swear that their kitty’s purr helps them fall asleep at night! Studies also show that kitty purrs help stimulate healing. In fact, many physical therapists use sound waves at the same frequency as cat purrs! Kitties also purr to soothe themselves when frightened, hurt, or distressed.

Start The Engines

To make your cat purr, we suggest the following tried and true method:

Pick a time when your furball is clearly relaxed, which is probably pretty much any time she isn’t playing or eating. Set out a comfy, cozy blanket or alternately, sit down in your favorite chair and gently pat your lap. This will signal Fluffy that it’s naptime. When your furry pal gets comfy, pet her gently, starting between the ears and moving your hand down her back. Your kitty will probably melt into a purring ball of bliss!

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