Spotlight on Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Your Labrador retriever Rudy would certainly win a Canine Acting Academy Award, if one did exist. Your carefree, friendly dog generally enjoys life to the fullest. However, your accomplished actor occasionally unveils another compelling personality. When he’s home alone, Rudy’s darker side emerges, caught by your home’s security camera. You’ve seen disturbing and and even destructive behaviors, making you suspect your dog might have separation anxiety. You’d like your Marietta veterinarian to analyze your pooch’s puzzling symptoms and provide behavioral counseling.

Barking Bonanza

You always knew Rudy had a good set of lungs; however, your neighbors have reported that he frequently drowns out their conversations. Before your car even leaves the driveway, your dog cranks up his impressive vocal cords, preparing for hours of non-stop barking. For added drama, he occasionally throws in some other-worldly howling. While your canine housemate occasionally breaks for food and water, he quickly resumes his long-winded marathon.

Doggie Destruction

Since any clever dog would get bored with continuous barking, Rudy turns his focus to household destruction. First, he digs into your living room set’s upholstered furniture. Next, he gnaws on your heirloom dining room chairs. Finished with the seating groups, he chews your hallway baseboards into white wooden shreds. While you’re concerned about the physical damage and replacement expense, you’re also worried that your dog will hurt himself by chomping on something dangerous.

Focusing on Feces

Your dog considers potty walks a social exercise. Each time, he only takes a moment to leave his deposit before communing with other dogs engaged in their toilet treks. When he’s home alone, though, your pooch seems to enjoy dropping piles in hard-to-reach corners. However, you haven’t found many of his leavings, as he quickly consumes them before moving on to another activity. You find Rudy’s actions quite disturbing.

Accomplished Escape Artist

Securing Rudy in his heavy-duty plastic kennel, along with treats and toys, didn’t work, either. He gobbled the snacks, destroyed his playthings, and chewed through his jail before gnawing on the spare bedroom door. Fortunately, you returned before he could complete his work.

Dogs can display different degrees of separation anxiety symptoms. Your Marietta veterinarian will analyze your dog’s behavior and prescribe a treatment plan that can incorporate several techniques. If your dog’s antics make you suspect he has a similar problem, call us for expert advice.

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