Put a Stop to Your Cat’s Indoor Spraying Behavior

Your cat Harvey is always eager to try something new. Some of his exploits, such as hiding his stuffed mouse in your bed, were quite surprising and unnerving. On the other hand, you rather enjoyed the sight of your adventurous feline swinging from your dining room chandelier. However, your cat’s latest prank has left you frustrated and angry. For three days, Harvey has been directing streams of male cat urine at your walls, carpet, and furniture. Since he appears intent on ruining your home, your Smyrna vet will give your feline delinquent some much-needed behavioral counseling.

Banish Those Hormones

While you might not realize it, your feline housemate has been taken hostage by rampant male sex hormones. Since he clearly plans to dominate your household, he’s methodically marking his territory to show who’s boss. If your cat isn’t neutered, make that appointment today. Afterward, his hormones and his spraying activities should gradually ramp down. Also, since female cats can also spray on occasion, make sure your cat Susie has been spayed.

That Awful Cat Urine Smell

It’s outright torture to helplessly watch your determined cat soak your home’s furnishings with stinky cat urine. However, twice you’ve arrived home to find a fresh overpowering smell, but you can’t find the source without considerable detective work. Good thing a strong enzymatic cleaner can largely eliminate the odor, although you might need several applications.

Since you’d like some good news, understand that once the urine aroma evaporates from Harvey’s previous targets, he probably won’t anoint those spots again. Ask your vet if spraying a feline pheromone on those objects will tempt your industrious cat to use the face-rubbing method of marking his territory.

Mental and Physical Diversions

Give your goal-obsessed cat some appealing, constructive mental and physical activities. Purchase challenging toys and treat puzzles; and incorporate a laser wand into his daily playtime sessions. He can chase the device incessantly without ever catching it. Although you’d like to punish Harvey for his sins, add more daily interactions that will hopefully tire him out sooner. After all, if you irritate your easily annoyed cat, he might spray down your bedroom in retaliation.

When your disruptive feline stops spraying throughout your house, your Smyrna vet will be as happy as you are. If your cat won’t stop his spraying behavior, call us for professional help.

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