Microchipping Your Animal Companion

Most people have heard of microchips—they’re the best way to keep your beloved pet identified properly. Here, your vet in Marietta, GA goes over the basics of microchipping your animal companion.

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip housed inside of a glass capsule. The capsule is inserted under your pet’s skin, and the chip itself contains a number which is stored electronically. This number corresponds to the chip manufacturer’s database, which holds your pet’s contact information.

If a pet is lost and is returned to an animal shelter or vet’s office, special scanners there can read the number on the chip. In this fashion, your pet can be returned quickly and safely to their rightful owner—you!

Why Get My Pet a Microchip?

Microchips have several benefits. The first is that they keep a pet constantly identified; there’s no worry that a pet will run away or get lost without proper identification on them. This greatly increases the chances of your pet getting returned to you. Plus, a pet can’t remove a microchip the way they may chew off a collar with ID tags. Collars can also be accidentally snagged on sharp edges or objects, leaving a pet without identification. With a microchip, this can’t happen.

Microchips are also very easy to update. All you have to do is contact the chip company if you have a change of phone number or address; they’ll update their database in short order, and the process is complete!

Can I Track My Pet?

No. Pet microchips are not GPS devices, and you cannot track your pet’s movements in real time with them. There are other devices that do this, but they’re not part of microchip technology at this time.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The microchip capsule is inserted under the first few layers of skin—usually between a pet’s shoulder blades—with a specialized syringe. The whole process will only take a few moments, and your pet won’t be hurt in the least. All they’ll feel is a slight pinching sensation, much like a regular vaccination.

How Do I Get Started?

Does your pet need proper identification? Would you like to switch out your pet’s old ID tags for a microchip? Set up an appointment at your Marietta, GA veterinarian’s office today to get started. Also be sure to ask your veterinarian if you have any further questions.

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