Keeping Your Cat Calm During Vet Visits

Most cats don’t enjoy going to the vet’s office, and with good reason—who wants to be poked and prodded in the company of unfamiliar people and pets? If you’d like to try and keep your cat calm before and during office visits, use these tips from your Marietta, GA veterinarian.

Acclimate Cat to Carrier

Does your cat only ever get in her carrier to go to the vet’s office? If this is the case, she associates anxiety and fear with the carrier. This means your cat is stressed out before she even gets anywhere near the vet’s office! Try rectifying this by using your cat’s carrier often, for simple trips that aren’t anxiety-ridden. Even a short trip into the backyard can help. With time, your cat will realize that the carrier doesn’t automatically mean stress and fear.

Acclimate Cat to Car

The same principles apply to the car. If car rides only ever result in trips to the veterinarian, why wouldn’t your cat be anxious? Take your cat on car rides regularly to get her acclimated to the sensation. Of course, cats should be secured safely in a carrier during any car ride.

Mock Examinations

Do you have space at home to perform a mock examination on your cat? Put your feline friend up on a table, supporting her with one hand. Now, poke and prod her a bit to simulate the sensations she’ll feel during her real veterinary exam. If you do this regularly, perhaps over a period of a few weeks before your cat’s real appointment, she may feel less anxious when the big day comes.

Of course, you can use your cat’s mock exams to evaluate her actual health. Take note of any lumps or bumps you feel; check out the fur and skin condition; examine your cat’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. If you find anything abnormal, let your veterinarian know as soon as possible.

Waiting Room Tips

It’s not recommended that you let your cat out of the carrier in the waiting room—just about all cats prefer the safety and security of their carrier. Be sure to bring along some of your feline friend’s favorite toys, as well as a few cat treats. The familiarity of these items can help your cat to feel more comfortable.

Want more tips on keeping your cat calm for her vet visits? Call your Marietta, GA veterinarian.

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