5 Common Dog Care Mistakes

Dogs have certainly earned the honorary title of Man’s Best Friend. Fido has been our loyal and faithful friend for countless ages, and helps us in many ways. Just like any other animal, however, our canine friends do need good care to truly thrive. A Marietta, GA veterinarian lists some common dog care mistakes in this article.

Lack Of Training

All dogs should know and obey basic obedience commands. The five main ones Fido should master are SitStayComeHeel, and Lay Down. These are important for both safety reasons and for good doggy petiquette. Make sure your pooch knows these important commands!

Not Enough Activity/Stimulation

Our canine friends are intelligent and quite active, and can get bored or restless easily. Make sure your furry pal is getting enough activity! All dogs have different exercise needs, so ask your vet for specific recommendations. That said, we do recommend playing with your dog every day: it’s great for both of you! Fido should also have lots of toys to keep him occupied when he’s alone.

Irregular/Lack of Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care is very important! In addition to his annual exams and vaccinations, Fido should be microchipped and spayed or neutered. At home, keep up with your pup’s parasite control, and watch closely for any signs of illness. Contact your vet right away if your canine pal seems ill, or just isn’t acting like himself.


Negative reinforcement doesn’t work well with our four-legged pals. Fido doesn’t think the way we do, and doesn’t really understand the concept of punishment. He can be even more confused if he is punished after the fact, because he may not associate his behavior with your reaction. Focus on the good instead, by rewarding your pooch with toys, treats, and praise when he behaves correctly.


By some estimates, almost 60 percent of our canine friends are obese. While we like to see pets being pampered, spoiling Fido with toys and belly rubs is much better for him than overindulging him with fatty snacks. Being overweight or obese can increase your furry buddy’s risk of developing many harmful health problems, including diabetes, heart trouble, liver issues, and even cancer.

Does your dog need shots or an exam? Is Fido due for veterinary care? We are here to help! Please reach out to us, your Marietta, GA animal clinic, anytime.

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