Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

Did you know that January is Walk Your Pet Month? Many of us, thanks to work schedules or our canine companions’ demands, have to walk our dogs at night. Make sure you stay safe while doing so! Here, your Marietta, GA vet offers a few tips.

Your Dog’s Clothing

Did you know that there are many reflective clothing options for dogs? Vests, leg bands, collars, leashes, booties… the list goes on and on. Try outfitting your pooch with at least a few reflective items so that passing motorists’ headlights can illuminate your dog a bit better. Head to your local pet supply store or a retail outlet to browse the selection, and ask your vet for a recommendation.

Your Own Clothing

What you’re wearing is also important. Be sure to don a hat, vest, shoes, jacket, or some other article of clothing that has reflective material sewn in. If you go on your walk decked out in dark clothing, you’ll be nearly invisible to motorists, bicyclists, and other passerby! Reflective material is the best way to help you and your dog stay visible in the dark.

Bring a Flashlight

A flashlight is another great tool to have along on nighttime walks, even if you choose to walk in a well-lit area. You just never know when your pooch might decide to explore a dark crevice, and you’ll want to have a light on hand! Some dog walkers even like to use flashlights that are sewn into a headband, leaving your hands free to control your canine companion more effectively.

Use a Leash

Always use a leash on nighttime walks, even if your dog is exceedingly well-trained. Even the most obedient dogs can be startled by loud noises or decide to dart after something on a moment’s notice. It’s also helpful to make sure your dog knows and responds to a reliable recall command, such as “heel” or “come.”

Choose Roads Wisely

When walking your dog at night, try to make a good decision on what roads you’ll be taking. Walking your canine companion down a narrow road with a tiny shoulder portion is only asking for a problem! Try choosing roads with sidewalks whenever possible; if sidewalks aren’t available, pick roads that are wide and don’t have a lot of traffic.

Want more advice on walking your dog at night? Call your Marietta, GA vet today. We’re here to help!

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