Meet the AKC’s Newest Breed: The Pumi

This year, the AKC officially accepted its 190th breed: the Pumi. The Pumi has been added to the roster of herding breeds, joining such wonderful pups as the Border Collie and German Shephard. First bred in the 1700’s in Hungary, this cute pooch is great at guarding and herding cattle, hunting vermin, and being a watchdog. The Pumi also makes a great family pet! A Marietta, GA vet introduces this adorable pup in this article.


Also known as the Hungarian Herding Terrier, the Pumi is a medium-sized dog. Despite the nickname, the Pumi isn’t officially a terrier: it just shares several traits with them. Pumis typically live about 12 to 13 years, on average. These smart, lovable pups can be very affectionate and loyal, and can make absolutely wonderful pets. They’re also absolutely adorable! In fact, they look rather like teddy bears.


Pumis have curly coats. Their fur is always a solid color, usually black, grey, or reddish brown. If you get a Pumi, you won’t have to do too much to keep Fido looking good: Pumis just need regular brushings and combings, along with the occasional bath. Your vet may also recommend that your canine buddy’s ear fur be trimmed.


Pumis are very lively and energetic pups. Smart and intuitive, they are very trainable, and often pick up commands quickly. Pumis are extremely loving and dedicated to their owners, though they can be a little shy around strangers. It’s very important for these pooches to be properly socialized as pups. It’s also crucial that they be taught proper doggy manners, as otherwise they can get a bit bossy. The Pumi is quite talkative, and loves to bark, so they may not be right for someone who wants a quiet pet. They do make wonderful family dogs, though they don’t always get along with other pooches.


Pumis are very energetic, and need a lot of activity. They really enjoy having some room to run and play, and make great farm dogs. Although they are better suited to rural living, the Pumi can adapt to apartment life, as long as they get plenty of walks and trips to the park. These lovable pups love playing catch and Frisbee.

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