DIY Doggy Toys

Does your canine buddy come running when he hears the sound of one of his toys? Does Fido destroy his doggy toys so quickly you can’t keep up with him? While making sure your dog has plenty of playthings is very important, you don’t have to go broke keeping his toybox full. Read on for some great DIY doggy toy ideas from a Marietta, GA vet.

Rope Toy

Take an old tee shirt, and cut it into strips. Braid the strips together, then braid the braids together. Tie off the ends in big knots. Voila! Instant rope toy. You can also do this with an old towel. If you want to make a deluxe edition of this simple toy, string pieces of dried sweet potato along it. You can also make two holes in a tennis ball and thread that through the rope.

Muffin Tin Toy

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Get a muffin tin, and drop it on the floor, upside down. Then put a few pieces of kibble into it, so Fido has to ‘chase’ his treats around the ridges. This can keep your pooch occupied for quite a while! Another option is to drop tennis balls into the holes, and put treats beneath a few of them.

Towel Toy

Here’s another super-simple option: just fold an old towel in half, lengthwise, and then tie a big knot in it. If you have a puppy, and Fido is teething, soak it in water and then put it in the freezer. Dogs love chewing on frozen toys!

Crinkly Toy

Wrap an old tee shirt around a water bottle, and give it to Fido. This is a great one for dogs that like noisy toys!

Denim Fun

The next time you get ready to toss out an old pair of jeans, upcycle them for Fido instead. Cut the legs, and tie them into knots until you have a big ball.


Safety first! Never give Fido anything covered in varnish, paint, or glitter, or anything with small parts, like buttons. Also, keep your dog’s size in mind when choosing his playthings. For instance, large breeds can choke on tennis balls, while smaller pets can hurt themselves on toys made for bigger pooches. Ask your vet for more information.

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