Clipping Your Cat’s Claws

Is your cat using your sofa as a manicure station? Does Fluffy scratch you when she climbs into your lap? It’s hard to tell a kitty not to use her claws, so if your cat’s scratching is problematic, you may want to clip her nails. This may sound daunting, but it might actually be easier than you think. Read on for some tips on clipping your pet’s claws from a local Marietta, GA vet.

Start Young

It’s always easier to get Fluffy used to things when she is still a baby than to try to get her to accept something new as an adult. If you have a kitten, get your pet used to the idea and process of getting her manicures now. To start your kitty’s manicure training, settle down with your cat in your lap. Pick a time when your adorable little buddy is sleepy, such as right after a big meal. You’ll want to start by just gently handling her paws. Massage them gently, and squeeze her toes, so that her nails extend. Then, immediately release her foot, and give her a treat. Once your furball is used to this, the next step is to start running the clippers over your kitty’s paws, toes, and nails. Talk to your furry pal gently while you are doing this, and pet her, so she knows that she’s being pampered.


When your cat seems comfortable with the clippers, and with having her paws handled, go ahead and make the first clip. You only want to cut the end of the nail. As you may know, if you cut too far, you may cut into the quick, which is where Fluffy’s nerves and blood vessels end. This can be painful for your kitty, and can also cause bleeding. It’s best to err on the side of caution, and cut too little, rather than risk cutting too much. We do recommend keeping some styptic powder on hand. This will stop any bleeding. You may also want to ask your vet to demonstrate.

Other Options

No matter how carefully you approach training, some cats just don’t like having their paws handled. Don’t force Fluffy to submit. If you aren’t having any luck, just contact us to schedule a quick peticure.

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